May 19, 2021

In 1986 I took a sabbatical in a treehouse on Bowen Island and had the most magical journey of my life. For two and a half months I lived high up in the trees, in solitude, in silence and away from the maddening crowd. It was one of the most transformative times of my life. Out of the treehouse experience, I wrote a manuscript: Messages from a Tree House and with the help of my husband, who picked me up on the last day of my retreat, conceived our baby girl.

Ever since this purely creative time, I had dreamed of having a treehouse again to be creative and birth other books. I thought one day when: I have enough money, time, help, etc…… I would build this place. I even described it: It would be bright with tons of windows, skylights, big bay window, deck leading off into the woods, close enough to my house so that I can go there often. Electricity of course and warmth for year-round use would be needed. There would be a great desk and couch for musing ideas……… get the picture?

Twelve years later, I awoke from my sleep to a feeling of expansion and intrigue. There was a foreshadowing of some unsuspecting gift.

As I made my way to my rather dark office, which was tucked downstairs at the back of the house, I suddenly realized (in a blinding flash of the obvious), I already had my treehouse office. It existed right in front of me – it was my bedroom. My bedroom: which is bright with tons of windows, skylights, big bay window, deck leading off into the woods, close enough to my house so that I can go there often. With electricity of course and warmth for year-round use. There was a great desk and couch for musing ideas.

My new cozier bedroom

All this time I had been sleeping in my dream office without seeing its potential. And to boot, it was too bright for sleeping in with all the skylights anyway. I would wake up and usually head downstairs and not return until late at night. I was so programmed to believe you go upstairs to bed at night and that was that.





The next two days my house was topsy-turvy, as 3 rooms got completely moved around and instantly (and without any cost) I was living my dream of a Tree House office. And win/win, my new bedroom is way cozier and more perfect to sleep in, without skylights. I am totally surprised that it took me so long to see this. I love my Tree House office.

Maybe you do not have a treehouse office but is there any way you can shift the energy of your home to feel more alive and inspired? The environment definitely makes a difference. The energy has shifted and unlocked my creative expression once again and two more books have been written in this space.


Over the next couple of weeks, I started to ask myself the question: What else is right in front of me that I do not see?

And with this, new things are popping into my consciousness every day. From simple little things like improving the efficiency of my kitchen cupboards to changing the way I set up my work calendar and busting old traditional ways of doing and seeing things.

I noticed with my business the same thing applied as I started to connect with people right in front of me who I had not considered before. We have all lived such programmed lives and until we question and expand our thinking – the Universe is unable to give to us, the abundance we deserve. And sometimes it is already in our possession. I heard a great Master once say: End of struggle is easy; it is to want what you have and don’t want, what you don’t have. The question is: What do you have? What and Who – is right in front of you?


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