March 5, 2021

What is “Tea” to Angelyn?

I was born in England and tea was the fundamental staple regime of every class whether it was high tea with the upper class or a good old cup of tea with the working class. I grew up with this class distinction but with tea, there were no barriers to entry. If someone were hurting or sad, you would hear; sit down love and let’s put the kettle on. There was an immediate relief and knowing that everything was going to work out just fine. Tea for me is a ceremony and conscious practice that I begin my day with. I love waking up and sitting quietly with my cup of hot tea before the day begins. Ahh, yes the first sip of tea begets the feeling of peace with the world.

What’s it all about?

So what happens then at these Tea with Angelyn visits? Well after we’re all settled in with our tea we will connect about whatever is up for you and how it relates to your dreams and gifts. Sometimes people just need a good listening to and that’s what these interactions provide. Many times solutions, ideas and insights springs forth, not from me to you but because we sat together. When two or more are gathered, synergy, magic and divine inspiration has a doorway through. Most people have their own answers and in a quiet, listening space, you will hear the whispers of the soul’s messages. Sometimes when we sit together you discover it is a 2 cuppa and we may need more time or a second visit. It may lead to a Silent Retreat or an Instinx session. Perhaps we will have a walk around the Labyrinth or the lake if you happen to be staying at Xenia. I also do sessions on line by Zoom or Skype. Another way I will be using this Blog is to share thoughts and ideas in the morning over a good cup of tea. Stay tuned.

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