March 5, 2021

What is creativity? Where does it come from? How do we describe such an energy force that is something to be discovered, awakened – unfolded?

It is a flow of energy that literally sweeps you into its vortex and spits you out sometimes days, weeks or months later. Where does the ‘me’ go when being consumed and100_3191 caught up in the muse?

This is its power – there is no me and that is why it is a wonderful happening. When the me is lost and I is free to soar with the oneness of all that is. You have no choice, it has you and it has lured you into itself. You no longer exist apart from it. Being used as a mere instrument through which the creative source can manifest itself. What a trip – what an adventure to watch the great movie of life at work. To be the movie.

The creative force may or may not declare an actual physical manifestation as proof of its coming but more often than not it does reveal itself in one form or another.

There is a way of being and that usually happens when one is placed into the container of silence. In the space between the sounds there it dwells, dormant like a sleeping giant. Infinite in its capacity to consume, devour or awaken. It owns you until it lets go its grip but not before it has had you and squeezed you for every last drop of essence it can suck up for its fire.

Yes it takes courage to surrender to this power. It may create fear – but fear of what? Fear of the unknown for the creative force will take you on a journey deep into the great void where ideas and inspirations hang out. Will you return? Who knows, that is the risk you have to take. But once you have taken the trip you will never be the same and you will never be satisfied to simply live a life of mediocrity, a life without passion. If you separate out again, you will find yourself sitting at the bus stop of forever waiting for the hand of destiny to pick you up and carry you off on another ride … adventure….. One with the Creative Source.

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