May 19, 2021

Welcoming Angelyn Toth to TinaOLife

Angelyn Toth on TinaOLife

Tea with Angelyn feels like having a cuppa with a soul whisperer. In her light and enchanting way Angelyn Toth, the owner and founder of Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island in BC, Canada draws out the simple truths that live just beyond our perception of what is possible within us. As for me, every time I’ve sat down or walked the lake with her, it’s as if she pulls out a bright yellow highlighter to illuminate precisely what’s going on inside of me, and how I’m choosing to play small instead of live up to my potential. Today I share her with you.

So put the kettle on and meet your heart centred transformational new friend, Angelyn Toth.


Over February 10th-12 I am opening Xenia’s doors to host a ‘user-friendly’ silent retreatfor those who are ready to unplug in the quiet sanctuary of nature. It seems that there has been a lot of confusion in the study and valuing of silence and I wonder if perhaps it has fallen off course as a religious endeavour.  We do not have to be an avid meditator to appreciate and understand the benefits of silent contemplation. We simply have to be willing to make the conscious commitment to allow silence to be the teacher and the teaching. It is simple work and immense in its nature.

“We have to re-educate ourselves about the work of silence, it is deeply misunderstood in our society.” 

Angelyn Toth on TinaOLife

Deep down inside, there is a natural longing for this space – it is our natural birthright. Deepak Chopra, in his work says that there are characteristics or traits of creative people. The first in they find comfort in and seek out silence. The second is that they enjoy nature. The third is that they trust their feelings.

In the sanctuary of silence, the veil thins and our emptying out process begins, it’s here, that the doorway to our own intuition opens. Did you know that we  can communicate without words, and strangely enough, actually hear each other?

In silence, we learn how to trust at a higher level because we tap into the guidance that is forever present but often missed when we’re attached to our busyness, noise, stories, tv, books, phones, appointments and so much more. These days, our list of distracting ‘conveniences’ and go on and on. Without them for awhile, we become an empty container, into which insights, inspiration and messages can pour.

“…allow silence to be the teacher and the teaching.”

In the stillness we can begin to learn from and follow our natural ultradian rhythms freeing ourselves from the attachment to the mind and all of this non-doing delivers greater peace with acceptance of who we are, really, in silence as the result.

Translating that experience into our regular lives when we’re back at work etc… we begin to see how simple it really is to listen, trust and find reverence in all life.

In this Cuppa Tea with Angelyn, I’m asking you if you know who you are in silence.  Have you listened to the story of your inner silence lately? Have you touched the centre of all that is inside you to be?

If not, believe me, you can.

While this is an intimate retreat, if you’re interested in attending the February 10th-12th Silent Retreat, please connect with me at [email protected] or give us a call at 604-947-9816 and we can talk. 

“It’s hard to believe that so much can happen in what appears to be nothing at all.” 

I look forward to our next cuppa.

with love, Angelyn

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