Radical Trust is one woman’s journey through the fire of surrender, into the deep pool of listening. It is a story about waking up out of the swamp of confusion the mind serves up, into something far deeper that knows the truth and guides us. This book is a story of feeling our feelings, not as a pure guide but to liberate their meaning. It is about listening to, and acting upon the messages life delivers by way of symbols, relationships, and encounters. Finally, Radical Trust helps the reader find the courage to follow their individual path and deliver the gifts with which they were born.

It took me over twenty years to write this book. The title became clear in 1999, but the content took years to write. I realised why, when I heard about the importance of sharing the wisdom of your scars, not your open wounds. It felt too vulnerable to share my journey because it was wrought with my own judgments and fears of what others would think. Obviously, the wounds remained open, and I was embarrassed. But today it seems hard to believe I travelled through many of the experiences I did, and I choose to honour them.

I share my story because I am prompted from within and as a way of inspiring others. As much as the story is totally factual and as I lived and remembered it, I have chosen to leave out some of the names to lighten the exposure for some of the people involved.

Life speaks to all of us every day and all-day long. We can safely know there is a higher power guiding us. It takes courage to begin and radical trust to continue. My wish is for this book to inspire the reader to find his or her deep inner knowing by truly witnessing the feelings arising and trusting the messages given.

This book will test the limits of people’s perceptions and this is my intention.  My job is to bring the invisible into the visible, by my seeing and sharing.  Let me know how well I did.