I’m done with my career, now what?

If you feel done with your career path or trapped by your job, what will you do and how will you do it, are questions on your mind. Maybe you’ve reached the place of deep longing to fulfill your soul’s work but feel held down by fear or even depression. You may have had a great career and now it is over, you feel displaced. This can leave an empty space. The good news is, this space is potent and available for your next chapter. It’s never too late to begin again and in this work, you will be encouraged and guided along the path of your deepest passion.

This book meets you where you’re at and offers solutions and clarity, so you can find fulfilment by getting paid to do what you love. Author Angelyn Toth holds a unique space for you to trust you will:

• Discover your next chapter and feel the satisfaction of being on track.
• Know how to cross the bridge to your next work.
• Uncover who you are now beyond previous roles and titles?
• See how you are more than qualified to cross the bridge and be successful now.
• RECEIVE support to usher you through this transition.
• Unearth much more …

Don’t wait one more day wondering or wishing. The tools and support you need are already here. The author, Angelyn Toth has crossed this bridge and achieved great success.

Get this book to find: “what now”!