Angelyn Toth

Soul-Based Intuitive Guide, Author & Founder of Xenia

  • CEO of Leading-Edge Creative Development.
  • Founder and owner of a beautiful 38-acre retreat centre in the heart of Bowen Island, BC. Founded in 1994
  • Top Income earner with Univera Canada for past 15 years until it closed during the 2020 Pandemic interruption.
  • Recently she joined a company specializing in cutting-edge stem cell technology supporting health and regeneration. www.lifewave.com/angelyntoth

Angelyn, born and raised in England, travelled the world expecting to return to her homeland but there was another plan in store that led her to Vancouver, Canada and a corporate career.  After a decade working in advertising, CJOR radio and then as a consultant in communications and interpersonal skills, she withdrew to a treehouse on Bowen Island in 1986 for a sabbatical, to re-assess her life. On the last day of her time at the treehouse, she left with her husband and pregnant.

Her greatest joy of all, nine months later, was the birth of her beautiful daughter in 1987.

FAST FORWARD: A big passion of Angelyn’s has always been horses, and her favourite times were riding with her daughter, who had the same passion as her mother.  It was a wonderful surprise when her daughter chose a career in the equine world. And now she and her husband gifted Angelyn with three beautiful grandchildren. She loves being a Nanna and being a grandmother is one of her greatest joys.

In 1994, Angelyn purchased a thirty-eight-acre, broken-down, old sheep farm to begin her Vision of a Sanctuary in nature where people could come to relax, unplug, and allow their creative muse to awaken. Xenia Creative Development Centre was born.

The transformation involved a huge undertaking and a labour of love and dedication. It involved the support of hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A decade into the initiative, Angelyn underwent major financial stress and nearly lost her beloved Xenia back to the bank. At one point, she fell five months behind on the mortgage, three years behind in property taxes, and received disconnection notices. She refers to this time as her dark night of the soul. It lasted two long years.

In 2005, Relationship Marketing came into her life and, at first, she almost didn’t recognize it as the miracle for which she had prayed. It happened because of the fortitude of a colleague, who had visited her Retreat Centre many years earlier and strongly suggested Angelyn take a look at a business vehicle. A vision they both shared was to bring together leaders from around the world to have an impact on education, health, and business.


Many years later, Angelyn cannot believe the transformation in her life and in the lives of those with whom she has worked. She has a wonderful team of loyal and dedicated people.

Angelyn won the Associate of the Year Award for North America, for exemplary leadership, and got inducted into the Millionaire Club, having personally earned one million dollars within a few short years. She served on the Field Advisory Board of her company for several years and was the top income earner in Canada. Later, she won the company’s highest award for Leadership, Integrity, and Service, the Yun Ho Lee Award. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh_LtPBck00. The year after, she won the award for Leadership Excellence. Having a successful Relationship Marketing business not only sustains her Retreat Centre, but she also loves her life and the freedom it allows. The biggest surprise of all was finding the perfect partnership and parallel path with her work of transformation. It fulfills her desire to serve others to awaken their greatest gifts and talents.

Her passion for animals and transformation got combined in her book: From Squeak to Roar, Unleashing the potential in your Relationship Marketing Tribe.

Angelyn leads programs at her Retreat Centre and is developing a Global Program in collaboration with a faculty of conscious entrepreneurs to change the way we do business, education, and life in general.

Her latest book, Radical Trust, Manifesting a Vision When it Seems Impossible. It is a story about waking up out of the swamp of confusion the mind serves up, into something far deeper that knows the truth and guides us. This book is about listening to and acting upon the messages life delivers by way of symbols, relationships, and encounters. Radical Trust helps the reader find the courage to follow their individual path and deliver the gifts with which they were born. It is, ultimately, a story of inspiration and transformation on many levels and in profound ways.

Angelyn Toth

I Thought This Miraculous, Spiritual Experience Was In The Land

In the 22 years I have owned this land, I have watched it transform from an old dilapidated sheep farm into a glorious 38 acre-Sanctuary, where thousands of people from around the world have had this exact experience. Our guest books are filled with people’s gratitude and experiences of feeling deeply at home.

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